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Pelham Historic Complex 

Corner of Amherst Road and Daniel Shays Highway / Rt 202


Quabbin Reservoir - Pelham Lookout

Access via Daniel Shays Highway / Rt 202 North 


Hawley Reservoir

Access via Amherst Road, just east of Enfield Road


Community Hall  

Corner of Amherst Road and North Valley Road


Mount Orient

Access via North Valley Road or Amethyst Brook


Buffam Falls / Orient Springs

Access via North Valley Road 


Cadwell Forest / Mount Lincoln

Access via Enfield Road to Packardville Road, on left beyond Gulf Road 


Choose your own favorite place, view, or subject! 


Join neighbors and friends this early fall for an arts celebration designed to raise awareness and support for Pelham’s historical, cultural, and environmental assets.


Launched formally this month, professional and amateur artists and others from across the region are invited to create and/or submit their interpretations of  either well-known or undiscovered locations in Pelham in media of their choosing (painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, collage, ceramics, textile, film, music, performance, writing, etc.).  

The culminating exhibition and presentation of submitted works on Saturday, October 15 at locations throughout town will include those created by Pelham School students, selected for best-in-show recognition, and donated for sale to directly benefit Pelham's Historic Complex as well as the Pelham School's art-making program. 




Head out at your own pace and on your own schedule to discover or rediscover favorite places in Pelham. See list at left for inspiration.



Using media of your choosing (painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, collage, ceramics, textile, film, music, performance, writing, etc.), create your unique picture of Pelham, remembering that your picture could also depict or describe a person, memory, or idea.



Complete the participant registration form online, and submit your piece for inclusion in the culminating PICTURING PELHAM exhibition and presentation scheduled to launch Saturday, October 15, 10am - 3pm.



Join the fun! Whether you create something this time around or not, consider signing on as a volunteer, and definitely MARK YOUR CALENDAR and plan to take part in the PICTURING PELHAM celebration throughout town on Saturday, October 15, 10am - 3pm.  

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